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TRIM SOLUTIONS GROUP CO., LTD is proud of its management system, human resources and technology, which are always ahead of the trends in the garment industry, domestic and foreign brands. Our brand woven label has quality in color, color fastness, obtained Oeko -Tex certificate for export to foreign markets, is a trusted product of garment companies and factories.

With a strong sample development team, we can develop products with custom designs and sizes, or support customers with FREE design, along with high quality, competitive price and no cost. quantity limit.

Technical parameters

Trim Solutions provides you with a comprehensive solution, guiding you step-by-step to create woven labels, embroidered labels, woven collars, woven collars, clothing collars, fully stocked labels fit your criteria as well as your garment. Especially we develop completely FREE.

1. Material

The material is mainly woven from cotton, polyester yarn to create a quality woven label product, a material that is environmentally friendly and suitable for human skin, including baby skin. However, depending on the audience that the product (baby products, baby products, baby products) you are aiming for, we will advise you more carefully on the most suitable and best material.

2. Size of woven label

For each different type of garment, there will be an appropriate brand woven label size. Or depending on your needs: such as main label, size label or washing instruction label, etc.

With our wide range of samples will be able to give you many choices to bring out the best for your products to honor your brand, make your products more advanced with just basic steps over your expectation.

3. Woven type

There are 3 common types of label weaving:




4. Folding type

Depending on the position of sewing the woven label on the garment (shirt, pants, bag, etc.), you will choose a way to fold the label that is suitable and easy for you to use.

Some basic types of label folding:

End folding (Fold left and right woven label)

Middle folding (Double fold)

Fold the sides diagonally

Four-sided textile label (Do not fold)

5. Other effects for woven labels

In addition to conventional production patterns, with advanced technology and modern machinery, we can bring you premium woven label solutions for your brand to stand out in the market.

Labels woven with purl thread;

Woven label with adhesive backing;

Woven label with lining fabric backing,

Besides some basic standards, our brand woven labels can also meet international standards such as Oeko-Tex, SGS, ... and are trusted by major brands in the world.

Are you developing your brand woven label and don't know how to design? Trim Solutions will assist in creating premium woven label products that highlight your brand.

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