Our service


Trim Solutions Group can provide all of your branding needs from any of our platforms, from label to packag- ing. No matter the requirements or level of detail, our highly skilled Trimologist and years of hands-on experi- ence will gracefully respond to even the most challenging designs. At Trim Solutions Group, quality is not only a mindset, but also a formalized system.

  • Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

Perform approved vendor list check. Evaluate supplier quality records. Perform dimension, visual and function- al inspection of material samples. Continuously enhance the IQC process.

  • In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Conduct in-line automated and manual inspections. Apply first-article inspection after process setup. Perform in-process audits to ensure processes are up to standard, and to identify factors needing improvement.

  • Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA)

Perform visual and functional inspection. Verify first-article inspection. Repeat approved vendor list check.
Submit failure analysis reports and alert engineering staff.