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TRIM SOLUTIONS GROUP CO., LTD is a unit specializing in designing and supplying a large number of string cord for hangtag such as cotton, cotton wax, polyester, elastic with many products of good quality and class to serve customers' needs. Boasting advanced technology, our human resources are always ahead of the trends to bring the best products to customers and affirm our position. String cord always ensures quality, suitable color and design, durable color. It is a trusted product of many garment factories and companies.

Technical parameters

String cord shows part of the class of the product. Trim Solutions provides beautiful, durable, high-quality products that help you increase the value of your products and create aesthetics.


You can choose from a variety of string cord with many materials, suitable for each product, each brand or also create an additional aesthetic for the labeled products. Commonly used materials are thread (polyester), cotton cord, wax-covered cotton cord (cotton wax), elastic band (elastic)...


To create diversity in products, most of us can meet the color needs of customers' designs and brands. In addition to the basic colors, we can provide silver, gold foil or embossed, debossed effects for the slings with the brand logo.


Depending on your needs and garment products, we can provide many different thicknesses such as: 0.6mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm...


Understanding the needs of customers, and supporting customers easily in using hanging ropes, we will produce based on customer requirements. Popular and common lengths in use such as: 10cm, 11cm, 12cm, 14cm, 15cm...

Plastic seal shape

- Circle;

- Square;

- Rectangle;

- Cylinder;

- Hexagon…

Plastic seal size

Based on your garment, we will advise and design for you the right size. If you have a design in place, we'll make sure to make it exactly what you expect.

Techniques and effects for logo

- Embossing, Debossing;

- Silver Emulsion, Gold Emulsion;

- Print color logo, can do many colors...

Seal strings at Trim Solutions Group are durable and always produced to international standards to improve the quality of products and are also exported to foreign enterprises. So you can rest assured to choose Trim Solutions as the solution to provide seal string for your business.

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 String, Seal string - LSSN003
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