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Hangtag as a mark of product origin, is also likened to an tag to provide information. Hangtags are products made from paper and used by many brands. Are you looking for a place that can help you design the right label?

Trim Solutions is proud to have a team of employees, management as well as technology to catch the trend to create standard paper products. Popular with domestic and foreign markets, Trim Solution's hangtags are chosen by many companies and businesses for their brand as a mark of class for their products.

Competitive prices, design support, unlimited printing as well as best meet the criteria of material, durability, color, shape, ... so that you have a most suitable hangtag.

Technical parameters and content to note when designing hangtag

Choose the shape you want

To get the right product, you must first know what you want the label to be. Square, round, rectangular, ... for a layout as well as a preliminary sketch before entering the design phase. This is the first step when starting to design hangtag.

Selection of paper material

Depending on the type of paper, you can design the right product as well as know how to mix the colors so that will be the most beautiful. Not all types of paper when printing, the ink is the same. Therefore, choosing the material is also very important. A hangtag design will increase the aesthetic part when choosing the right material.

Some common types of paper such as: Duplex, Couches, Ivory, Bristol, Kraft, ...

Choose the right colors, letters, symbols

Colors, letters, symbols are all elements of brand colors, they will make the product's brand stand out. Therefore, it is advisable to choose relevant factors. For example, the signature color of the brand, the symbol of the product, and the font of the brand. This will create a more impression for the product and is also a way to create an identity for the brand and product in the minds of customers.

Alphanumeric symbols need to contrast with the background color to highlight the content you want to show customers.

To highlight your design and brand, you can use effects on their cards such as: UV Coated Glossy, Matte, Velvet, Anti-scratch, Embossed, Debossed, Paper laminating, Ribbed…

The content on the hangtags

After selecting images, colors, and layouts, the next thing is to find the content shown on the hangtag and paper cards. This is the most important thing when designing hangtag. Please select the information that is really necessary to show on the label. Because there is not too much information, only the things that are really important and related to the product should show up.

Usually, for hangtag, it is possible to print product codes, product materials, sizes, prices, and especially not forgetting that is the brand name. If you can balance it, you can add a slogan.

For hangtag design, the content is often simpler. Most will be logo images and brand names as a way of reminding the origin. And the size is usually glued on. Therefore, please consider carefully the content, do not show too much to avoid thinning as well as loss of aesthetics of the hangtag. Patterns and drawings can be selected to be more in harmony with the image and brand personality.

Hangtag size

When designing hangtag, pay attention to the product size to choose the size of hangtag to design. Because if it is too small compared to the product, it cannot make it easy for customers to find information. And if it is too large, it seems a bit rough when judged by aesthetics. Therefore, choosing the right size is also very important.

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